Best of Brooklyn: Bread Plus

A very very long time ago, I went to high school (class of ’05. . .stand up!). Not just any high school, pretty much the coolest high school in Brooklyn. Going to school in Coney Island was an experience and I loved every second of it. Down the street from my school was the cutest little bakery that would served homemade personal pizzas. Kids would line up just to get a pie fresh out of the oven. The other day the boy and I ventured back to our old stomping grounds (we met in high school) to grab a pizza from the bakery. Of course we got pizza, but we also got a slice of carrot cake. Amazing. Since then we’ve returned every weekend for a slice of carrot cake. Today we went back for our weekly fix, but unfortunately. they were SOLD OUT! We ordered red velvet instead. Delicious. I’m convinced this bakery can do no wrong.

Bread Plus 2841 Harway Ave Brooklyn, NY 718 373 3700 (they’re old school, no website folks)