Too late to apologize?

I’ve been a horrible blogger, I know. Life has been hectic. Studying for exams (lsats? que?), unforseen deaths and just the everyday grind threw me for a loop. I’ve never been one to talk about feelings, cooking has always been my outlet. You can almost always tell my mood by what I make and lately I’ve been cooking up a storm! Being in the kitchen is the only time I can be alone with my thoughts other than running (I seriously run 2mph by the way. No seriously. I suck.).  But this time I’m back and I’m excited about all I have to share with you guys! First up. . . Best of Brooklyn!

A few months ago (yeh, its been that long), my mom, grandma and I wandered around Brooklyn’s very own China Town. The more I explore my favorite borough, the more I’m convinced that there are few reasons to cross the bridge. We went at night so I apologize for the dark pictures. If you ever get hit with a craving for asian cuisine, I’m sure you can find anything your tummy desires.


5 Ingredient Fix: General Tso’s Chicken

Last night, I dragged myself into the house after a long day in the library. It was raining and completely gross outside. The thought of ordering Chinese crossed my mind, but I’ve been trying to ween myself off of the fried salty goodness.  I opened the fridge and just stared inside hoping that something would jump out at me. I bought a bottle of General Tso’s grilling/dipping sauce a few days ago and it seemed like the perfect way to go.








The 5: 1cp white rice ( or whatever you prefer), broccoli, 2 seasoned chicken breast, minced garlic, and General Tso’s grilling/dipping sauce.








Spray pan with nonstick cooking spray. Add a hefty spoon of garlic, if you’re a garlic lover like me.








Add chicken, salt and pepper, cook until juices run clear. Add broccoli towards the end, cover pot and allow it  to steam for a few minutes.








Add General Tso’s sauce and allow to simmer. Serve over rice. Nom nom nom. Quick, delicious and easy.