Is it really over?!

I’m guessing that summer is officially over. If today’s weather is any indication, I think it is officially time for me to start cooking again. Have I told you how much I LOVE Brooklyn summers? Oh I have? I also racked up some frequent flyer miles this summer. I tried to remember to take pictures of my most epic eats, but sometimes I was just too busy chewing to stop and break out my camera. Please forgive me. Down below are some (and probably very few) of this summer’s most epic eats.

Dallas, TX

Orlando, FL

The Dessert Lady! First seen here. Just as good as i remember.


Jeremiah’s Italian Ice! Perfect for that insane southern heat.

Brooklyn, NY


As you can tell, I will probably NEVER be a vegetarian. Random fact: My dad is a vegetarian.


Alabama Chicken Taco, BBQ Short Rib Taco, and BBQ Pork Slider that I shared with Mama Suite. All from the Mexicue food truck in Grand Army Plaza. Truth: their BBQ Short Rib Taco might just change your life.


I love dumplings. I love pork. Pork & Chinese Chive Dumplings with soy sesame dip. I now love Rickshaw.

* I always stayed away from food trucks in the past. I always thought that food trucks would inevitably lead to me taking shots of Pepto Bismol, breaking out into a cold sweat and quite possibly curled into fetal position on my bathroom floor. I was pleasantly surprised by the fresh ingredients used on both trucks and I am now happily stalking them on twitter.

San Juan, PR


Breakfast sandwiches from a tiny spot in San Juan. Obviously I ate more than a sandwich, but my mouth got to it before my camera.

I also had pics of interesting fruit (sugar apple) and an avocado the size of my forearm from my week in Antigua. But my camera ate the pics ={.

Until next year summer! Our love affair is strong.


Florida Eats!

I recently just came back from a short vacay to see grandma (aren’t grandma’s the best?!)! She cooked up all of my favorites and I enjoyed every single bite! I also got a chance to go to The Dessert Lady! I’ve been eyeing this place ever since Meghann mentioned it on her blog. Good God! If you have a huge sweet tooth, than this is the place for you! I may or may not have gone back twice with the fam, and we may or may not have gotten the sampler both times. Everything here was amazing and the staff was super friendly. Our waitress even attempted to help me take pics of the food. All in all this place gets an A+. I can’t wait to go back the next time I’m in the south.


Chocolate chip iced latte for me and a coconut chocolate latte for Mama Suite

DSCN0607 DSCN0608 DSCN0609 Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and rum soaked raisins, chocolate bread pudding, lemon rum cake and chocolate peanut butter pie. If world peace had a taste, it would taste like everything on this plate. Just sayin’.

DSCN0611Curry chicken with white rice and string beans

DSCN0631 Easter dinner! Roasted asparagus, red beans, turkey, ham and golden rice. I promise you that there is turkey and ham under that mountain of beans.

One day I’ll learn how to cook like grandma, until then I promise to stalk her on a regular basis.

Set it and forget it!

Remember that infomercial? I can’t even remember what product it was for, but in this instance I’m referring to my slow cooker. I woke up with chicken burritos on my mind but didn’t want to invest a lot of time into it. So I used a slow cooker chicken burrito recipe from weight watchers and made some, okay maybe a lot, of tweaks. I decided to use what I had on hand instead of making a special trip to the grocery. I think it came out really well and the whole dish was only 7 points (if you’re on weight watchers then this makes total sense to you, if not believe me the recipe is still good).


*tomato sauce instead of diced tomatoes

*white onion instead of red

*I had red beans but I just decided to go with black

*1 can of green chilies

*Trader Joes enchilada sauce

*1 packet of sazon mixed with 3/4cp boiling water instead of chicken broth

mix everything then add chicken breast

Pour sazon mixture over chicken breast (right?)

set it and forget it!

return 5 hrs later- shred chicken with 2 forks add sour cream and cheese. FEAST!