BBQ Ribs

I have NEVER made ribs, but I do love to eat them. I’ve never attempted to make my own barbecue sauce, well because when you see entire Food Network specials dedicated to something, you automatically assume that it has to be one of the hardest things to make from scratch. Not the case. In fact. I decided to just wing it and see what would happen. No recipes, just hope. (ha!)

First I marinated my pork ribs overnight in sea salt, black pepper, 1tsp of EVOO and about a tbsp of garlic & herb seasoning that I picked up at TJ Maxx oddly enough.


Then I added a little bit of canola oil to a hot pan and seared each rib for 2mins on both sides. I then placed them to the side in a foil covered oven safe dish while i moved on to my BBQ sauce.

Side Note: I am so very proud of this sauce! It turned out way better than I could have possibly hoped.

DSCN0776 DSCN0777  

Easy Peasy BBQ Sauce (too corny? whateva. I’m not Rachael Ray)

1cp Tomato Sauce

1/2cp Ketchup

1 Yellow onion

S & P

1/4cp Worcestershire Sauce

1/2cp Packed light brown sugar

1tsp Chili powder

1tbsp Garlic & Herb seasoning (to carry the flavor out from the ribs but feel free to use whatever you want)

1tsp EVOO

1tbsp Apple cider vinegar

Add EVOO to hot pot, add diced yellow onion and allow to sweat for about 3mins.

Add all other ingredients and allow to simmer on low heat for about 10-15mins.

Pour half of the mixture over ribs.


Bake ribs at 350* until internal temp reaches 160*- this took me about 2hrs, I made mine in my brand new ridiculously large toaster oven that i’m in love with.

After 2hrs I poured the rest of the mixture over the ribs and left it in the oven for another 20-25mins.

DSCN0783 DSCN0785

Served with oven roasted potatoes (evoo, garlic & herb seasoning, sea salt and pepper) and steamed broccoli. It was gooooood. Like REALLY REALLY goooood. If you try the sauce definitely let me know!

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