Cheesecake? Yes Please!

Sorry for the unplanned absence, life got a little hectic on this end but I’m back! But if you REALLY can’t get enough of me then you should follow me on twitter (just sayin’). I’ve been craving cheesecake for quite sometime, but I didn’t really want to do any work. I wanted something that would come together super quick and not do too much damage to my thighs, so I was obviously excited when I came across Gina’s recipe for Lemon Cheesecake Yogurt Cups. They made me a very happy girl.

DSCN0788 DSCN0790

DSCN0791 DSCN0798 DSCN0799 DSCN0797


I used plain Chobani with the intention of adding extra vanilla. I completely forgot and they were still good,

That furball in the corner is my kitten Chunky. His “real” name on paper is Teddy Bear (yes I’m mature, i know) but as you can tell he’s not small despite just turning 1 and he frequently ninja kicks my other kitten, Khloe, for food. They’re the same age and he’s nearly twice as big as her. Apparently he wanted to be on the blog. World meet Chunk! He’s 12lbs of awesomeness, the best cuddler ever, and likes dogs (my friends and I have fur play dates at my house), however, he is afraid of children, rain, his own shadow, your shadow, any shadow, snow, the washing machine, the dryer, our mailman, the UPS guy, and pretty much life outside the house. I still love him though.


Crack in a bowl?

Anytime I see beans or peas in a dessert recipe I automatically back away. I mean, its beans! Does that not seem strange to anyone else but me? But when Katie posted a recipe for “Blondie Batter” Dip , my heart fluttered. I LOVE BLONDIES! I’ve been obsessed with them since I was a little girl and it’s where my addiction to white chocolate began. So how could something with chick peas compare to my favorite treat?




At first I was hesitant to post this, because let’s be honest, it doesn’t look half way as pretty as Katie’s. But after tweeting her, I realized that it would be a crime not to. It is in fact delicious and ALMOST guilt free.

I have drizzled it over banana slices, dipped into it with apple slices and my personal favorite: CINNAMON GRAHAM CRACKERS!

This morning I made the best breakfast ever! Plain greek yogurt + banana slices + blondie batter = pure awesomeness a.k.a. crack in a bowl

My Substitutions:

Natural Peanut Butter as my nut butter of choice

1cp of Brown Sugar (I have issues)

White Chocolate Chips (see the white specs in the bowl? Chopped chocolate. Oh yes, the addiction is real.)

A pinch of xanthan gum- my dip was a little runny so I thickened it up a bit.

Never again will I run from a dessert recipe that has beans or peas. In fact, I will welcome it with open arms. THANK YOU KATIE!

Oatmeal Cream Pies

A few days ago, I was hanging out with one of my best friends when the craving hit for an oatmeal cream pie. You know, the ones that they sell at the corner store for what use to be 25cents but is now 35cents (recession over my behind). He volunteered to get me one and came back with a zebra cake which just confirms that men don’t listen. Needless to say my craving was never fulfilled. I suddenly remembered this recipe that Jenna posted a while back and just like that, everything was right with the world.

DSCN0735 DSCN0738  DSCN0739 DSCN0740 DSCN0741 DSCN0743 DSCN0736

Things I learned:

Either I had cavities and didn’t know or this buttercream ripped through my enamel like a beast.

I think this would be just as awesome with cream cheese frosting.

Confession: I’m addicted to cream cheese frosting. Rehab? I think so.

The Silicone Zone mat was awesome, this was my first time using it and I was impressed. I’m pretty sure it’s Silplat’s 3rd cousin.

Don’t try and get too fancy with piping (twss). I tried. There was a slight explosion.

Confession: I was thoroughly happy to lick all of the buttercream off of my hand.

Florida Eats!

I recently just came back from a short vacay to see grandma (aren’t grandma’s the best?!)! She cooked up all of my favorites and I enjoyed every single bite! I also got a chance to go to The Dessert Lady! I’ve been eyeing this place ever since Meghann mentioned it on her blog. Good God! If you have a huge sweet tooth, than this is the place for you! I may or may not have gone back twice with the fam, and we may or may not have gotten the sampler both times. Everything here was amazing and the staff was super friendly. Our waitress even attempted to help me take pics of the food. All in all this place gets an A+. I can’t wait to go back the next time I’m in the south.


Chocolate chip iced latte for me and a coconut chocolate latte for Mama Suite

DSCN0607 DSCN0608 DSCN0609 Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and rum soaked raisins, chocolate bread pudding, lemon rum cake and chocolate peanut butter pie. If world peace had a taste, it would taste like everything on this plate. Just sayin’.

DSCN0611Curry chicken with white rice and string beans

DSCN0631 Easter dinner! Roasted asparagus, red beans, turkey, ham and golden rice. I promise you that there is turkey and ham under that mountain of beans.

One day I’ll learn how to cook like grandma, until then I promise to stalk her on a regular basis.

Ooey Gooey Cinnamon Cake

A while ago, I promised that I would make “The Best Cinnamon Cake in the WORLD“. That is a pretty bold statement to make. With that said, I am completely positive that this cake is one of the best I have ever tasted! I made this cake once before and I left out the orange zest, because even though Grace insisted on the orange zest I just never have any in the house (I can’t eat oranges, I’m allergic. If I told you how my body reacts to it, you would run away from my blog and never return). ADD THE ORANGE ZEST! It makes a world of difference and on the plus side it didn’t kill me. Even if it did, it would have been worth it. It was a hit with the family and friends. When your best friend sends you a text in the middle of the night, asking you if there is any cake left, you know you’ve done something right.

3-Step Fudge

Do you know Hungry Girl? A few years ago, my college roomies and I tried to figure out a way to have all of our after club treats without gaining a million pounds. You know how it is when you come home from a night of under age college drinking and you’re starving for absolutely no reason (don’t get all high and mighty on me now)? I purchased this cookbook after stumbling across the Hungry Girl website. It sat among my collection of cookbooks for practically forever until a few days ago when I was hit with a huge chocolate craving. How can you possibly go wrong with chocolate. Hungry Girl calls it Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge. I call it simply delicious. I was skeptical at first about how the pumpkin would work in this recipe, but trust me, you won’t taste it at all!

Pumpkin Love: Pumpkin Banana Bread

If you didn’t believe me before, it should be painfully obvious now. My pumpkin addiction is real (btw if you shop at BJ’s they have Libby’s canned pumpkin in bulk!). The other day while walking through the kitchen, I noticed my bananas were on there last leg. Seriously. They were on death row. Of course making banana nut bread seemed like the most logical choice. While stalking, I mean browsing, I found a recipe for Pumpkin Banana Bread! One recipe featuring 2 of my many faves?! Score!









Class Portrait









Mix the wet with the dry.









Finish Product

Final Thoughts: I love it! The recipe came together really quickly and I love the smell of banana bread in the house. And the bread? Amazing! Try it and let me know how it turns out.