About Me

My name is Natalya, but you can call me Nat. I love food. It’s a simple as that (does that rhyme? I didn’t mean to, I swear). I’m currently 23 years old, I live in Brooklyn, NY and like most college grads, I’m trying to figure out what to do with my life. I had a fancy schmacy corporate job complete with long nights and tons of stress. Let’s just say that didn’t work out, it wasn’t my cup of tea. Like most girls I’m a fan of shoes, shopping, clothes and pretty much anything beauty related with one exception I’m a self proclaimed foodie.

I started this blog after my mom informed me that the rest of the world does not collect cookbooks as souvenirs when they travel to other countries and apparently most people don’t read cookbooks like novels. Who knew? I was also told that throwing dinner parties in college isn’t the norm. Sometimes I prefer going to the Park Slope Food Co-op and Whole Foods rather than Nordstrom. Every year seeing a can of Libby’s on the shelf at my local grocery may or may not bring on tears of happiness and the urge to stock up like someone on Hoarders.  It all boils down to my love of food. Expect to read all about my cooking triumphs as well as the epic failures, but in the end there will be good food and lots of laughs.



Questions? Comments? Tips and Tricks? NotSoSuite@gmail.com



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