Creole Chicken & Okra

I’m not sure what my current obsession with Clean Eating magazine is, but I like it. Sadly I’ve been getting Clean Eating for a few months now, and though month after month I flip through the pages excitedly I rarely make anything. Confession, the first time I tried okra I HATED it. It was weird. It was slimy. It was slippery. I could only get down half a piece before giving up. Maybe I had bad okra? Either way this recipe completely changed my perception. Okra is, in fact, delicious. I have been making a conscious effort to stay away from processed food and Clean Eating is making it surprisingly easy.

DSCN0653 DSCN0654

I pretty much followed the recipe step by step, so unfortunately I can’t post it. But I promise that it was delicious.

DSCN0660 DSCN0661

You can never have too much hot sauce. Ever. Hot sauce is a gift from the heavens. True story.

More clean eating recipes here and here.


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