Too late to apologize?

I’ve been a horrible blogger, I know. Life has been hectic. Studying for exams (lsats? que?), unforseen deaths and just the everyday grind threw me for a loop. I’ve never been one to talk about feelings, cooking has always been my outlet. You can almost always tell my mood by what I make and lately I’ve been cooking up a storm! Being in the kitchen is the only time I can be alone with my thoughts other than running (I seriously run 2mph by the way. No seriously. I suck.).  But this time I’m back and I’m excited about all I have to share with you guys! First up. . . Best of Brooklyn!

A few months ago (yeh, its been that long), my mom, grandma and I wandered around Brooklyn’s very own China Town. The more I explore my favorite borough, the more I’m convinced that there are few reasons to cross the bridge. We went at night so I apologize for the dark pictures. If you ever get hit with a craving for asian cuisine, I’m sure you can find anything your tummy desires.


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Just your average girl in love with all things gorgeous and fun.

One Response to Too late to apologize?

  1. Jaime says:

    hope you did well on the LSAT….if you haven’t taken it yet, good luck!! I’m sure you’ll do great 🙂

    thanks for visiting my blog; hope you’ll be back to visit again soon!

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