30 Minute Meal: Chicken Alfredo

Sorry for being MIA, but when your laptop crashes losing everything that you think is important in life, you kind of freak out. I’m currently working off of my netbook. It’s convenient  for little things but not my favorite way to blog, ya know? It was completely gross here in NYC today. Cold and wet. Super sexy. My first thought was chili but realized that would be a bit more time-consuming than I’d like. After staring into my open fridge I settled on Chicken Alfredo! It wasn’t super sophisticated. I didn’t make my alfredo sauce from scratch. But it was delicious none the less.









There’s a lot of background noise in this pic. Sorry.

Whole Wheat Spaghetti, Alfredo Sauce, Broccoli, Seasoned Chicken Breast and Minced Garlic









1 heaping teaspoon of minced garlic sautéed with cooking spray.

Add chicken. While that’s cooking, boil water for the pasta.









When chicken is cooked and juices run clear-add 2cups of fresh broccoli (I find that frozen broccoli waters down everything). Cover pot and allow broccoli to steam. Add the sauce, about 3/4ths of the jar.









I added 1 heaping teaspoon of jerk seasoning. It gives the dish a little more flavor and pack an unexpected punch. Plus I love anything with spice.








All done! From fridge to bowl in 30mins. It was awesome.


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One Response to 30 Minute Meal: Chicken Alfredo

  1. aisha says:

    The jerk seasoning is such a good idea!! Never thought of that! Which kind do you use?

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